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live reviews

Here you’ll find a collection of reviews of Kyle’s live performances on both sides of the Atlantic. Kyle has been touring professionally since 2011 and has completed three successful tours of the UK and Europe, as well as tours of Canada and the United States.


Folk at 22

‘Friday, March 16th, 2012 was the day. A genuine “Transatlantic session” at Folk @22 provided by Kyle Carey from the US, Ruadh Duggan from Ireland and BJ Baartmans from Boxmeer.

Earlier that week I had picked up Kyle and Ruadh from Peter and Leny van Zeijl in Groningen, where she stayed during the first half of their Dutch tour. At that point I became their real road manager (also called taxi driver), taking both ladies to gigs and radio shows. It was an exciting but also fantastic week, and we had a lot of fun. After two fine performances respectively in the Culture House in Heerlen and the Bunker in Gemert, and a session with Hubert van Hoof of L1, it was now time for them to play in our living room.

On Friday Marie-José, Kyle and Ruadh decorated the living room for the house concert and at 7:30 the first guests came in. Bart Jan Baartmans had already built his sound and Guido Trinks had again ensured the beautiful lighting. This was all still new and exciting for us. Alicia McGovern had given a great performance in February, and now, of course, was the question of how the public would perceive this follow-up.

At 8:30 Kyle, Ruadh and BJ began, and soon they had stolen the hearts of the audience, not only by their beautiful music and Kyle’s charming personality, but also by the atmosphere the three created. It was a wonderful evening. Uwe Runia described the atmosphere the best. He had come directly from his work in Frankfurt,  and since Wednesday hadn’t been home to see his family. He arrived quite stressed, just missed the first song, but then saw his stress disappear in a half hour—sitting in the front row, dreaming away with the great music of this musical trio.

Kyle has a really beautiful voice, a joy to listen to. BJ guided it with highly skilled and passionate guitar and mandolin, and Ruadh filled Kyle and BJ out beautifully with her violin and her very nice harmony vocals. As I said it was a very charming concert—which flowed and was propelled by beautiful melodies and vocals.

Still, there were certainly a number of highlights. I personally felt that “Orange Blossom” was very nice, with beautiful mandolin from BJ, and also the beautiful title track of Kyle’s debut CD ‘Monongah”. Also in Gaelic singing “Gaol Ise Gaol I” was delightful to listen to. The two standouts came when Kyle and Ruadh sung acapella  “Let Them Be All” and the magnificent “Star about Rankin’s Point” with an excelling Bart-Jan on guitar and harmonica.

The reactions afterwards were very mixed, but positive without exception. Many were touched by the beautiful voice of Kyle, others surprised by the qualities of Bart-Jan. Others were struck by the enormous positive atmosphere that the trio created. Someone even said Kyle, BJ Ruadh had set the bar so high that it will be difficult for another artist to surpass this. We will see! We have to Anna Coogan and Lucy Ward—two biggies on the program for this year.’

-Mathias Heijen, Folk @22


Harney County Chamber Music Society 

‘Kyle is a talented singer/songwriter. Her beautiful voice, and melodic songs provided a most enjoyable evening.’

-Janet Braymen, Harney County Chamber Music Society


Windsor Acoustic Guitar Series

‘Kyle came with Craig Werth and gave an outstanding performance. The songs selected were wonderful and heartfelt. Both Kyle and Craig are warm and generous with their discussion with the audience creating a nice connection.’

-Scott Nevin, Windsor Acoustic Guitar Series


Rheinische Post

‘Celtic songs and American country music are two different things that just do not fit together. Whoever is convinced of this opinion, was now taught better by Kyle Carey.

Together with two musicians from the Dutch band “Cedar Creek” she appeared as the “Kyle Carey Trio” at the ninth Acoustic Night in Erkelenz and delighted the guests in the Leonhardskapelle with their unique music.

The songs for the evening were varied and yet wonderfully harmonious. Whether “June Day”, with its optomistic lilting rythymn, melancholy tones as in “Northern Lights” or acapella presentations—each piece took the audience on a small musical journey. A special moment of the evening was delivered when Carey sang “Sios Dhan at Abhainn”, Gaelic for “Down to the River”. She explained that it was an American slave anthem, which was translated into Scottish Gaelic.

After the first few notes of the acapella songs she put her audience under her spell. Her clear voice was very strong in the excellent acoustics in the Leonhardskapelle, and the reverberation of the Gaelic words contributed its part to give the whole thing a mystical effect.

On her last song the trio invited the audience to sing along and Kyle said cheerfully: “Without a sing-along that would not be a folk concert” It is clear that the style of Kyle Carey is something special and offers a new way to enjoy music from familiar acoustic sounds.

Carey traveled the Appalachians and studied at the Cape Breton Islands and the Scottish Isle of Skye Celtic music and language. She combines the folk influences of both sides of the Atlantic and characterizes her music with the term “Gaelic Americana”. In Erkelenz she was accompanied by Ron Janssen on mandolin and the 18-year Zowy traces on the violin, both of which are active in the Dutch band “Cedar Creek”.

Just like Kyle Carey, Alwin Nail is also a very happy person who has grown the Acoustic Night Series with Petra Hömke and in cooperation with the Cultural GmbH. “A few days before the concert was sold out, with over 100 people—we were well attended,” he said, adding happily—‘the series has found its audience here.’

-Katrin Schelter, Rheinische Post


Country Noord

‘From the moment Kyle stepped onto the stage, all talking ceased. Her songs were full of passion, evident both in her voice and on her face. It was an evening to remember.’

-Jan Van der Veen, Country Noord


Colebrook Chronicle

‘Kyle Carey warmed the audience with the sincerity of her music, combining her authentic ‘roots’ compositions harkening back to an earlier day with a voice that is most beguiling.’

-Charlie Jordan, Colebrook Chronicle


The Next Gig

‘Talent, plenty. Music, beautiful. Charming temper more than sufficient. Kyle Carey brings  Gaelic Americana. She mixes her songs and concerts with Irish and Scottish influences with Americana and builds on existing stories and songs to give them a personal twist. It began in Steendam on stage by Peter and Leni very carefully. Carey’s songs are delicate and delivered at an unhurried pace.

With the beautiful ‘Orange Blossom’ caught in the concert on the desire for the South and the Orange Blossom Special train that will take you from New York to Florida. Carey tells wonderful stories. ‘June Day’ for example, about the upcoming summer in New England. Highlights of the evening include the acapella, with the clear but warm, full voice of Carey coming into her own, often supported by the flawless harmonies of Rachel Davis.’

-Richard Wagenaar, The Next Gig


Celtic Connections Festival

In January of 2016 Kyle and Gillebride MacMillan performed an evening of ‘Gaelic Meets Gaelic Americana’ music at the Tron Theatre for the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. They were joined by Elias Alexander, Fiona MacKaskill, Ewan MacPherson and Mhairi Hill. The evening was well-recieved with reviews from ‘Life is a Festival’, ‘Music Road’ and the Argyll News. To read the reviews – click on the publication titles.